Hazmat Express was founded in 2016, to meet the needs of businesses and consumers for specialty freight handling, including packaging, and preparing hazardous/dangerous materials to be shipped by FedEx or other courier services.

With six years of practical experience in the industry, we are quite knowledgeable on state, national and international hazardous/dangerous goods material transport laws and regulations; we prepare goods to be shipped.

We save you time and money by ensuring your shipment is prepared right the first time

We take away the risk  of major fines and the consequences as a result of not properly preparing your dangerous goods shipment. We strive to prepare your hazardous goods shipment as quickly as possible (typically within 24 hours), all with excellent customer service that you as the customer deserve. With Hazmat Express, we save you time and money by ensuring that your shipment is prepared right the first time, according to all government regulations.

We know quite well that shipping hazardous materials isn’t just dangerous; it can also cause serious financial and legal risks. At Hazmat Express, our team takes great pride in helping customers get their hazardous/dangerous materials to its destination in the safest and expediant manner possible.



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